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BoMToons' chibiknight! BoMToons' chibiknight!

Rated 5 / 5 stars

My least favorite fight...

Yet the coolest looking knight in the game, aside from Chibi Knight himself with his epic gold armor.

You made him look pure win. Good job. The detail on the armor and the stone statue behind him are pure perfection.


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jouste responds:

hey thanks!

i really liked the statues in the game and just had to have them in the drawing.

thanks for the high scores and for the review!


Twenty Twenty

Rated 5 / 5 stars


I believe I first saw this on either DeviantArt or Sheezy. Either way, it was AWESOME the first time I saw it and it remains awesome today. You truly are the master of the 3 art forms: Movies, Music, and Image.


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You Splooge, You Lose You Splooge, You Lose

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Parody Rangers WIN

Ansel, what kind of freaking moron are you? This "lazy piece of shit" as you called it could not have possibly taken such a short time. First off...the characters are original to begin with, so you got nothing on that. the title is meant to be a reference to Power Rangers in the first place, with the Power Rangers: The Movie title curving around (google it for reference)

Second, you probably have no idea what its supposed to be. Its related to his flash movie "Parody Rangers The Movie" (still in production, I hope XD)

Third, if you think this is such crap, such "mediocre work" then I'd like to see you come up with something better. This guy is a god at flash movies, music, and art. You can't even hold your own against his awesome skills.

Ok, now that I'm done flaming the troll...

If Parody Rangers were a real movie in theaters, I would definitely see this poster pretty much everywhere...hold on. I just thought of something. I don't think you ever did a trailer for the movie. That would be awesome! Just like a mock trailer for Parody Rangers: The Movie.

Well, my review is complete.


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Undying Surge Undying Surge

Rated 5 / 5 stars



10/10 5/5